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May be a coincidence, do not you always receive the message.

A taste of love 一味寵愛

When was theword you never learned

英語老師說,VIP的意思是very important person,我是你的VIP嗎

出軌沒有一次兩次 只有零次和無數次。

home is where the heart is

我做人 看心情

give me a big hug.


我想跟你走 即使什么都沒有



一直忘了告訴你, 我有多幸運,遇見的是你。 I always forget to tell you that how lucky I am to encounter you.

NO matter what you do,l am in favour of you。

You are my the greatest hero in the world

Fool, please let me accompany you forever. (傻瓜,請讓我永遠陪著你)

當你學會放棄 你才可以承受一切的失望和謊言 什么都可以不要了 你還能拿我怎樣.

i need love.

藝林:Like your smile face and quiet side.

One day 24 hours 1440 minutes 86400 seconds you have a second thought about me 一天24小時1440分86400秒你有一秒想過我嗎

What do I do? I like her again, I still can't forget her.

To a crazy ship all winds are contrary. 對于一只盲目航行的船而言 所有方向的風都是逆風.



Heroes hasn't come yet. Please take good care of yourself 蓋世英雄還沒來 請你照顧好自己


You should put away your lonely obsession and the extra early night 你應當收起你那孤獨的執念和多余的早晚安

If equal affection cannot be,let the more loving one be me 若深情不能對等,愿愛得更多的是我


you are the only one


The simplest is no pains,no gains.

No matter how you must be well.?

If plan A doesn’t work, just remember:there are 25 more letters of the alphabet.——如果A計劃宣告失敗的話,你要記得,字母表上還有其他25個字母呢。



But in the end, also made a lot of feelings disappeared. 很多感情到最后 也不過是相識一場

as long as yao love me 我只要你愛我

no zuo no die ,why you cry you zuo you die,don't ask why

一直忘了告訴你, 我有多幸運,遇見的是你。 I always forget to tell you that how lucky I am to encounter you .

For the world you are somebody, but for somebody you are the world.

Orange flavored soda


Emotion is the innate weakness of human. 情感是人類的本質弱點。 So?I?chose?to?stay?away 所以我選擇遠離

有的人把心都掏給你了 你卻假裝沒看見 因為你不喜歡 有的人把你的心都掏了 你還假裝不疼 因為你愛




Shadow is the heart of time 【影子是時光的心】

Some people are not stupid, just not cruel. 有的人不是傻 只是不夠狠心

I want to cherish my love you 我會好好珍惜我最愛的你

Language is becoming less and less, you are getting farther and farther 話越來越少 你越來越遠

He loves the way I've seen, I was sure he did not love me anymore. 見過他愛我的樣子 我才確定他現在不愛我了

A lonely person or, at least will not be disturbed. 一個人孤獨也好 至少會不被打擾

Why did you go away 你怎么就走了呢

Really like you is not even any hand 實在喜歡你,連翻臉也沒有底氣

萬寶路的英文名字是Marlboro 含義是‘Men always remember love because of romance only’ 男人只因浪漫而牢記愛情

??? ?? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????, ??? ??? ?? ? ???. 即使傘再小,只要你要來,我就一定會給你騰出一個位置.



: “I miss you but I miss you、[我想你可我卻錯過了你】”

Except for me, everyone is not suitable to reach old age with you 除了我,每個人都不適合和你白頭到老

I don't care,as long as I'm with you

I don't care?

another dream?

love you


you are enough?

I can love you as long as you don't give up.

Always waiting for you.



Don‘t cry because it is over, smile because it happened. 不要因為結束而哭泣,微笑吧,為你的曾經擁有。

You are unique ,Nobady can replace you . 你是獨一無二的,沒人能代替你。



Do not trade my secret for the friendship between you and others.(別拿我的秘密換取你和別人的交情)

Life, half is memory, half is to continue. 生活,一半是回憶,一半是繼續。

I like you more than a sentence 對你何止一句鐘意

There no places like home 沒有什么地方能與家相提并論

You are the reason for my efforts .

關于劉昊 我寧缺毋濫



: Clearly a hug can solve the problem, it is said to break up 明明一個擁抱可以解決的問題,偏偏要說分手

Meet You at the Most Beautiful Time(在最美的年華遇見你)

l like you better mysaif 我喜歡你勝過喜歡我自己

Love you in my life 一生中最愛你

I'm ugly is not I hope you beautiful, is not because of you, maybe I will be your butt ugly!?!?

Imagining that one day i am holding your hand to propose a toast to guests who attend our wedding.想有一天挽著你的手,去敬各位來賓的酒。

There's always a special in my heart for ya。我心里永遠為你留著特等席

ILove your. 愛心

When not happy, take a deep breath ah! But it is a bad day, not a bad life. 不開心時 做個深呼吸 不過是糟糕的一天而已 又不是糟糕一輩子




(*??╰╯`?)?hαnk ㄚou..

"If one day someone is chasing you, you can not say I have an idiot."[em]e401255[/em] “如果有一天有別人追你了,你可不可以說我有一個離不開的笨蛋.”

“Thank you all the luck in life Like to meet you.” “感謝生命中所有的幸運 比如 遇見你.”

I'm on my way I never stop 我在路上,我從未停止

“Don't rub your eyes without tears.” “沒有眼淚要擦就別揉眼了”

         an let me forget about the past, he is my future.

All problems, and ultimately is a matter of time. All the worry, in fact is a bother。 一切問題,最終都是時間問題。一切煩惱,其實都是自尋煩惱。

I not love you love one minute only 60 seconds. (我愛的不多,一分鐘只愛了你60秒)